Atlassian announces end-of-life server products

Atlassian is discontinuing support for its 2024 server products!

In order to focus even more strategically on cloud technologies Atlassian announced Discontinue all server products as of 02.02.2024. This applies to all products such as Jira, Confluence, etc., although the first consequences must be considered as of 02.02.2021.

We summarize the most important facts here and, of course, are happy to provide you with individual advice to assess the opportunities and effects for you. To do so, arrange a free consultation directly:

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How are server customers affected?

You can opt for a new model and use the next three years to make the switch. Since some adjustments may soon have an impact on your decisions, it is advisable to address the changes at an early stage. You can count on the support of Swarmit and Atlassian.

The new target platforms are either cloud or data center:

Cloud migration

Benefit from the major investments that Atlassian has invested in cloud products over the last few years. More than 90% of new Atlassian customers are already going straight to the cloud. Atlassian meets the increased requirements of large companies with Cloud Premium and Cloud Enterprise.

Learn more about the Atlassian Cloud here.

Data Center Migration

If you have increased requirements for data storage or individual operating models, you can migrate to a data center, which is being actively developed. A quick switch from server to data center is possible with the start-up of a single node operation.

For more information on how to use data centers, click here.

What changes need to be considered

The most important changes over the next three years are:

  • 02.02.2021 - No more new server licenses
  • No new server licenses are sold by Atlassian
  • Apps can still be purchased and renewed for existing applications
  • Data center prices are being increased, with existing customers benefiting from a reduced increase!
  • 01.05.2021 - No new server apps for Marketplace
  • The marketplace is closed for new server apps. Existing apps will continue to be able to deliver updates.
  • 15.02.2022 - User tier can no longer be adjusted
  • It is no longer possible to increase or reduce user licenses (user tier).
  • Updates are limited to safety-related aspects
  • 02.02.2023 - App purchases stopped in the marketplace
  • Existing customers can buy existing apps in the Marketplace until 02.02.2023.
  • 02.02.2024 - Support for server products is discontinued
  • No product updates are delivered
  • The products are no longer supported
  • License extensions will be charged on a pro rata basis up to this date.

Our recommendation

Die Atlassian Cloud offers the highest level of flexibility and is being expanded and massively expanded at full speed. As a complete SaaS solution, operating costs are reduced and you are enormously relieved during operation. If the cloud operating model is right for you, you benefit from intensive migration support from Swarmit in cooperation with Atlassian. We would be happy to show you the options. They have enough time to start the migration.

If you depend on the self-management of your Atlassian products, the data center products are the professional architecture at enterprise level. Data Center will be expanded and expanded by several functions as a result of the changeover. Jira Software Data Center is used, for example, by Advanced Roadmaps (Portfolio for Jira) added.

If you opt for Data Center, we recommend that you consider the upgrade before 02.02.2021. They benefit from a reduced price increase for existing customers, which then comes into force. We calculate the price savings for you!

An overview of the new data center prices can be found on our license overview.

Open questions?

If you would like to find out in detail what these changes mean for your situation, we would be happy to help you. Together with you and the support of Atlassian, we will find the right strategy for your situation.

We look forward to hearing from you:

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