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Your success is ours

Get to know the team

Up to date

We are constantly educating ourselves. Ensured by our continuing education philosophy

Our swarm intelligence

We share our knowledge with your team and can always draw on the swarm intelligence of all Infometis

Fun at work

As Infometis, we are actively developing our core competencies as a team and in the community


As team players, our experts are committed to the success of their project. In doing so, we break the shackles of rigid role descriptions and cover a wide range of skills. This enables us to constantly think outside the box and create solutions that provide sustainable benefits from idea to implementation to use.

Our focus areas

Since we started working with Swarmit, our project management has fundamentally improved. The experts helped us use Jira effectively for our task management, which led to a significant increase in productivity and better team collaboration.

Swarmit Customer
Swarmit Customer
Financial company in Zurich

Häufig gestellte Fragen

What are the key benefits of being part of the Swarmit team?

As part of the Swarmit team, you can expect a supportive, friendly and respectful work environment where you feel welcome. You get creative freedom and, as an expert, can make recommendations and implement them. We value employee satisfaction and offer flexible working hours, the opportunity to work from home, support with education and training, team building activities and regular events.

As a customer, how do I benefit from Swarmit's partnership with Infometis and DEMICON Group?

As a joint venture between Infometis and the DEMICON Group, we can draw on a large network of specialist know-how. With one of the largest technical consulting teams in the DACH sector, we are represented in Zurich, Lausanne, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Berlin and Vienna to offer you the best possible support.

Does Swarmit help with moving servers to the cloud?

Yes, we can help you migrate licenses from the server to the cloud. Our experienced team is here to make this process smooth and efficient so that you can benefit from the benefits of a SaaS solution in the Atlassian Cloud.

In which languages does Swarmit provide support?

Our advice is provided in German, English or French, depending on your preferences and needs. We make sure you feel well looked after in your preferred language. We also have consultants in German-speaking Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland who can support you in your desired language.

We are happy to meet you!

How can we help you improve quality and automation in your project?

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