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Atlassian Full Service Partner

Swarmit mastered as Full Service Provider That entire Atlassian portfolio, including third parties in Atlassian Marketplace. We will provide you with qualified advice based on your individual needs.

Managed Services

Your carefree package! We assume thematic responsibility for a topic, including flexible capacity planning.

Counseling and coaching

The many years of project experience of our experts are incorporated into your advice. Together, we build solutions that are based on achieving your goals over the long term. We advise you on all topics relating to all Atlassian products and their integration into your environment and processes.

Atlassian's products have been deeply embedded in our company processes for years. The switch to the cloud was therefore a major challenge for us. Swarmit supported us in this process with their outstanding expertise and experience and enabled us to make a smooth transition.

Samuel Weber
Samuel Weber
Managing Director at I-AG Software

Häufig gestellte Fragen

What are the benefits of a data center solution for my Atlassian products?

Our data center solution enables you to achieve the highest performance of your Atlassian products, especially in increasingly growing companies with complex structures. We ensure continuous availability and help you use your Atlassian tools effectively.

How do I benefit from using the Atlassian Cloud?

Our professional cloud infrastructure grows with your requirements, without the hassle of infrastructure and software updates. We help you set up your cloud products such as Jira Software Cloud or Confluence Cloud and offer migration services for a smooth transition of your existing server instance.

How does Swarmit help you obtain and manage Atlassian licenses?

As your partner for Atlassian licensing strategies and procurement, Swarmit offers free and individual advice. We help you obtain the best licenses for your requirements at the best price and to manage them efficiently. With our expertise, we ensure that your investment is guaranteed to create added value for your organization.

Does Swarmit offer training and individual training?

Yes, Swarmit offers training and individual training on various topics, including SAFe with Jira, Kanban, testing in Jira, and more. Our experts provide advanced methodological knowledge to ensure that you become an Atlassian expert and can use the full potential of your tools.

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We would be happy to explain to you in person how we are tackling your challenge.

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